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photo of Anna Jones

Anna makes small collections of functional ceramics that blend elegant forms with complementary colours. All pieces are hand made by Anna to create premium homewares that are made to last a lifetime. 

Her drinkware collections are crafted from slipcast porcelain, a high quality clay that is both refined and strong. Known for it's whiteness, porcelain provides the perfect canvas for Anna's hand-painted 'Splatter' glazes and dyed clay bodies. 

In contrast, Anna's homeware collection of bespoke architectural planters are hand-built using heavily grogged stoneware clay which gives a textured surface to the simple forms. 

Anna is the co-founding member of Clay Collectivea 12 member ceramics co-operative based in London. Anna is currently living and working in Bristol.  


Anna would love to hear from you, please get in contact if you have an enquiry.